~ Eugene,

Got to know this application from my friends and gave it a try as I was single for 3 years after my last relationship. To my surprise, I got to know Lena and things went smoothly for us. Would definitely recommend others out there to give this app a shot.

~ Lena,

Tried a few dating apps before and always end up with strange request upon the first meet up. Similarly, I got to know this app through my colleague and met Eugene.

Eugene & Lena


Never tried any social or dating apps as I was afraid of meeting love scammers, haha. Saw this app on Facebook with many leaving good reviews, met some nice people before meeting Joe.

~ Joe,

I did not like the idea of meeting people online as I have tried a few previously and the experience was not ideal. One day, I saw a notification that Jade actually matched with me, thereafter we met and started our relationship.

Jade & Joe

~ Cynthia,

Met Kat through this app and we got together over a course of 3 months.

~ Kat,

As our relationship is unique, I felt extremely lucky to be able to meet Cynthia through this app.

Cynthia & Kat


I thought that I would always remained single as I have past the age of getting married. Then Luke came in to my life and changed everything.


The first met up with Monica was special and I have decided to give all my best to this lady.

Monica & Luke